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What is Feed The World Thursday?

Iit's a way of giving money to people all accross the world. Every third thursday an A4 piece of paper downloadable by computer appears on the www.anarchytm.com web site. At different FTW ports around the world the paper will be printed and given to worthy recipients.

What happened at the first Feed The World Thursday (Test Case) 29.6.2004

Myself, D.A.G. walked into a store in Kingsland Auckland where I knew a Mr. Domonic was woking (I has organised earlier in the week to meet him). I gave him the piece of paper displayed on the page and told him I'ld buy in back of him between 4 and 5 p.m. that day for N.Z. $4. The instructions I gave to him where to write something relevant on the other side of the paper. At 4 o'clock I returned and payed Domonic N.Z. $4 for the 'value addded' piece of ATM paper/money. So the end result was that he ended the day $4 richer and I ended up with a $4 valued piece of paper. At any point in the future Domonic is entiltled to buy the paper off the ATM bank for $32 N.Z. should he wish to. Imagine Domonic was oin the other side of the world and there was a way of entrusting that $4 we get to him on having added to the piece of paper, this is the goal of Feed The World thursday (FTW).

SO the ATM port in Auckland is located in Surrey Crescent. The hope and aim is that others will begin across the world. The targets are people for whom a sum such as N.Z. $4 is a significant amount of money.All transactions occur on the one thursday.

So if for example 3 people each wished to give $4 to a person in Calcutta (where there would be an ATM outlet) they would give $4 each to the ATM person in surrey crescent betwwen 9-10 p.m. local time. When in come 9-10p.mp. Calcutta time 3 people each recieve a copy of the days ATM paper with instructions to add to it and return it between 4-5 p.m. the same day. When each individual does this, they recieve N.Z. $4 for the value added paper.The papers are the following day sent to the Auckland surrey crescent ATM and organised to be given to each donor. It is hoped that some of the paper will significantly interesting to have an intrinsic value added to them beyond the $4 price by this process. Each "ATM" port in Calcutta and across the world needs a guarantor to cover the expense of the day's transactions before being reimberessed by the financial donors via each "ATM" port which occurs between 4-5 p.m. that thursday. At each port some record of donor and recipient is made onto the papers to avoid duplication. Each port is expected to this free of charge or a at small fee at the donors expense ( to incourage port formation and covert real expense of operating)

Donors are expected from each port, even poorer ones. For example a Calcutta port could donate to a wealthier port In boston U.S.A.
This is the basic outline. In time it is hoped networks will be established and will occuer every third thursday. Next thursay I will be selling a piece of 'ATM' money in the morning and buying it back at 4 o'clock that evening to someone in the Auckland area.

To become An "ATM" port you would need to have or have access to a modern computerc with a printer and an internet connection and hopefully a scanner. It is thought you would need at least two people at each port. One or more people need to act as guarnator for the days transactions and cover the day's local outgoings until being reimbursed through a loacl money exchange within the 24 hours of N.Z. time FTW thursays beging.

Stay tuned for more information

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